Days 9 – All downhill

I am a little behind on blogging, but you should be thankful I didn’t share my hot little mess last night. Yesterday started out great – I made breakfast for the first time in this journey, and I felt great. I met a friend and went for a walk over our lunch breaks. I was feeling pretty good, and confident in my Whole30 journey. So of course, by the end of the evening, I was crying at the complete loss of $22 worth of EVOO in a failed attempt at making mayonnaise. I had read about others who cried over random things, and I definitely had my moment as I realized the mayonnaise was not going to work out. Yep, this is Whole30! It was a quick recovery, and I am sure some day I will laugh at my kitchen inabilities. 🙂

My coworkers have really enjoyed asking me about my experien
ce, and taunting me with different foods. I have tried not to be “that” person who talks about their diet non-stop, but several people have taken an interest in my experience. Some people consistently offer me foods they know I can’t have, just to be a jerk. Some people consistently ask about not having alcohol, which may be a sign of the social work job. A few people have asked more questions about the Whole30, and I can see the wheels spinning in their heads as I tell them how much better I am feeling.

Breakfast: Banana Bowl, for lack of a better name (Recipe adapted from Bravo for Paleo). This breakfast was like magic to me – I am not a fan of eggs, but I toned them down and just used one in this recipe. It was super delicious, and I felt much better beginning my day with breakfast. I highly recommend adding some vanilla bean to the mixture! IMG_0065

Lunch: Another chicken salad with Asian dressing – shocker! Definitely an easy go-to lunch for both of us.

Dinner: Hamburger in lettuce wrap, asparagus, with a few potatoes


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