Day 10 – Goodnight!

Sometimes it feels like we’ve been doing the Whole30 for just a couple of days, and other times it feels like we’ve been doing the Whole30 for consecutive months on end. Today was a little bit easier in terms of food, but my brain has been fried and I’ve had a bit of a headache all day. I am definitely ready for bed – and have  been since about 4:30 p.m. Normally, I would have fought this off with a few Diet Cokes, so it has been a struggle to stick with water. I have noticed myself actually wanting water more, so that is an improvement!

My husband, who’s having wonderful results, heard from two people today that his face was looking thinner. Me, on the other hand, still struggled to pull on my jeans. I definitely can feel the benefits of the Whole30, but I would like to see some too!

Breakfast: Banana Bowl (see Day 9)

Lunch: Salad with Chicken

Dinner: STEAK! My wonderful husband stopped at the butcher shop in our neighborhood and grabbed two ribeye steaks for dinner. We devoured an entire package of green beans on the side. And of course, some potatoes – sweet for myself and white for my husband.

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