Day 8 – Need a Snack

Today was another good day – good food, good exercise, and good feeling. I noticed today for the first time that I am feeling much more focused, so I can only hope that a little more energy will follow soon. I was a little more reserved in my exercising last week (and by reserved, I mean I was just plain tired and lazy), so it felt good to get back to Zumba and walking the dogs this evening.

On the flip side, I have been craving sugar and snacks! I miss my mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and every other hour chocolate. I am a dessert loving, sweet-a-holic, so eliminating sugar and desserts completely has been a pretty big challenge. Shortly after dinner I start to think about my evening snack. This has been a pretty consistent craving for the past 8 days, but some days are definitely more challenging than others. I’ve tried to limit using fruits to supplement my craving, since the point of the Whole30 is to change my eating haIMG_0062bits in general. I know that snacking on a few grapes or an apple here or there won’t be a deal breaker, but I don’t want my brain to continue to think all-day snacking is acceptable. I love how I feel when I am filling my body with good foods, and I think it can only lead to better feelings.

Apple and almond butter

Lunch: Asian salad with chicken, small side of fruit

Dinner: Flank steak “tacos” in lettuce, side of plantain chips


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