Day 11 – Finally some energy!

Today was the first day I really felt more energetic – now, it is 8:45 p.m. and I am about ready for bed, but let’s just go with baby steps. I noticed at about 2:30 that I wasn’t in my normal slump. I am ecstatic at the thought that my body might be adjusting to the food schedule, and really using the good foods I am putting in my body each day. I’m still a little cautiously optimistic, but I would take today’s feelings over my old mid-afternoon chocolate binge and slump.

My husband and I are feeling a little like we’ve hit a salad slump, so I’ve been busy in the kitchen tonight exploring with zucchini noodles and portable lunch ideas that don’t require re-heating. One can only eat mounds of lettuce for so long.

Breakfast: Banana Bowl – Seriously, this is my new favorite thing. I LOVE this! My husband cringes at the idea, but it is a great way to sneak in an egg since I don’t care for them. The only thing that could make it better would be a few less dishes to wash in my morning rush. Beggars can’t be choosers I guess.

Lunch: Salad. Again. Today with chicken sausage, which I would not recommend to be eaten cold.

Dinner: Lettuce wrap tacos! We both agreed that we really like using lettuce as a wrap =- we’ve had this for a few different meals, and it makes a pretty good substitute for those forbidden foods, like bread and fried taco shells. 🙂 Mike shredded up a little sweet potato to put in with the taco meat, to give it a little more substance. I definitely finished dinner full, and had energy to spend a couple more hours in the kitchen tonight doing some prep.


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