Day 6 – Lots of Walking

Today was another great day – I started the morning out with a 5K walk, and came home to enjoy lunch with my husband and my mom before spending some time shopping with my dad.

Today was not without its challenges – my dad, stepmom and I went to my favorite Omaha pizza place, Dudley’s. I had iced tea while I watched them eat my favorite french fries and enjoy a beer. I kept hearing a voice telling me that it would be okay to “just eat one,” but I fought off the urge and felt much better for it!

I was feeling pretty worn out tonight as I sat down on the couch at about 6:30 p.m., so I decided to make a grocery list and hit up Sam’s Club and Whole Foods to get ready for the upcoming week. I would like to say I am a successful adult now, having spent Saturday evening meal planning and grocery shopping. Okay, maybe that is actually a little embarrassing to say.

Breakfast: Banana, Almond Slivers

Lunch: Aisan Turkey Lettuce Wraps, made by my fantastic husband


Dinner: Hamburger, Green Beans & Potatoes, again made by my fantastic husband

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