Day 4 – On The Up

Today was much better than yesterday! No pictures to share again- but I will do better tomorrow!

I managed to go to HyVee twice today (starting to think I may have an unhealthy obsession with this place), and it was much easier to walk away from the bakery. I had some time to kill this morning and explored their health food section. It was discouraging to read so many labels to find so much sugar, additives, and other things I couldn’t pronounce. Oh yes, I left with another bowl of cut fruit to eat with my breakfast, which was a gross Lara bar. Not my cup of tea.

Lunch: I so regret not taking a picture of my salad. My loving husband stepped up last night in my slumber to cook some chicken (in record time, of course) and make an avacado-based salad dressing. It was a delicious salad and I shoved myself full.

Dinner: Taco salad with lean ground beef and more avocado dressing.

Tonight was the first night I’ve really had the munchies. I have eaten a little watermelon, and keep refilling my water glass to try and distract myself.

I am starting to feel the differences in my body. My mind feels better, and I don’t feel bloated at all. Mike appears to be losing weight much better than me – I just keep looking down expecting to be skinny. 🙂

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