Day 3 – Exhausted

Today was rough! I was tired, hungry, and headachy. I actually didn’t take a single picture.

I started the day at HyVee, to pick up flowers and treats for a co-worker’s birthday. I had definitely underestimated the difficulty this would provide. I love the HyVee bakery – I will gladly pay an arm and a leg for their delicious cookies. So I had to smell and see every sugary, carbohydrate, wonderful goodness. I wandered the health food section, but was very disappointed and surprised to see that almost everything contained some form of sugar. To reward myself for my willpower, I picked up a bowl of fresh fruit. It definitely did not compare.

Breakfast: Apple and almond butter (Homemade by me last night – a good experience! But a little bit of a letdown that it didn’t taste sweet and sugary like peanut butter.)

Lunch: Salad with avocado and homemade dressing

Dinner: Sweet potato & zucchini hash with Chicken apple sausage

I may have mentioned once before, but I am slow in the kitchen. So in my exhaustion tonight, my husband came to the rescue and whipped up (non-slowly…. more like lightning speed) lunch for tomorrow – avocado salad dressing, chicken breasts and all. My true hero!

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