Day 2 (Only 28 to go!)

Today was a little more difficult – my brain really started to miss Diet Coke and my afternoon chocolates (and every other piece I now realize that I have been sneaking through the day). Snacking has been a really hard battle for me, but I am hoping that a week from today it will be a different story.

My husband would lovingly tell you about my smart decision to prepare today’s lunch at about 8:30 last night – as I unthawed the frozen chicken breast and started cooking it, I also realized it probably wasn’t my finest moment of planning. Another lesson learned – prep time is important! Especially when you move slow like a snail in the kitchen.

Breakfast: Strawberries, Almonds (Improvement from yesterday. Still need to figure this out. I don’t wake up early enough to make myself a breakfast, and have never been much of a breakfast person.)

Lunch: Mason jar salad with homemade Asian dressing that Mike loved a lot more than I did! I also ran out of room in the jar before I could put the lettuce and the chicken in, so those had to be packaged separately. I had so many comments from coworkers today about this salad – and to be honest, I just wanted to give it away to each of them and go get a burger. But, I powered through.

Dressing: Rice Vinegar, Coconut Aminos, EVOO, Lime Juice, Garlic, Ginger & Chili Powder


Dinner: Anniversary Dinner (2 years of wedded bliss!) consisted of Beef Tenderloin, Asparagus & Green Beans, and Potatoes. Typically, we would have had a loaf of bread split between the two of us, and tonight we really noticed this to be missing.


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